Spread the cost of your dental care

Claim the benefit amounts for your cover level, each time you visit the dentist.

Dental Plans

Dental payment plans are a way of spreading the cost of your routine (check-ups, hygiene visits and x-rays) and restorative (crowns, bridges or fillings) dental care.

A dental benefit is one that can be used on a regular basis, not just in an emergency. The dental benefit also allows you to choose which dentist to go to, whether private or NHS, which makes it easier to find one that is most convenient for you. It helps you to financially fund the costs you would've paid for anyway.

The benefits include

100% reimbursement of common dental treatments

Check-ups, x-rays, scale & polish, fillings, root canal treatment and extractions all reimbursed at 100% up to the annual benefit limits.

No pre-enrolment checks or underwriting

As long as you’ve had a dentist check-up in the 24 months prior to joining and don’t have any pending treatments, your future dental needs are covered.

New benefits such as implants, orthodontics, veneers

Most dental insurance plans on the market don’t cover implants, veneers or orthodontics. We cover all three, up to the benefit limits, leaving you to make the choice of what’s best for your oral health.

Emergency dental treatment worldwide

100% reimbursement of costs when you require an emergency visit to a dentist anywhere in the world, up to the annual benefit limits. We will also cover 100% of your costs should you suffer an accidental dental injury anywhere in the world, up to the annual limit.

Emergency dental treatment worldwide

In between visits to your dentist, you can find oral health tips, latest news and offers on a dedicated portal.

Emergency dental treatment worldwide

A free online assessment tool for you to find out the state of your oral health.

Emergency dental treatment worldwide

Helplines for Dental emergency, Dental anxiety advice and counselling helpline, where you can speak to a trained counsellor and receive structured telephone counselling sessions about any issues or concerns you may have around your visit to a dentist.

Emergency dental treatment worldwide

There’s no excess to pay when you claim.

Emergency dental treatment worldwide

You can choose to cover your whole family including children up to the age of 24.


How it works

You can claim the benefit amounts for your cover level, each time you visit the dentist.

You can submit your claim online, as soon as you've paid for your appointment and it will be paid into your bank within 3 working days

3 ways you can take out your dental plan

Please read the policy overview document and then you choose which way you'd like to apply.

As always, the team are here to help you with any queries, simply call us on 0345 226 9938


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change my dentist when I join?
No, you can see any dentist anywhere in the world; there is no need to change your dentist when you join. We do have a network of dentists that offer discounts to our corporate patients so if you are looking for a new dentist, this is a great place to start. 
How can I see how much I have left to claim?
You can view this information for yourself or anyone covered on your plan at any time by logging into your online account. The amounts shown will reflect any claims that we have already assessed.
When can I start claiming?
There is no waiting period to claim, except for the mouth cancer cover which cannot be claimed in the first 90 days of your plan. You can start making use of your benefits from your plan start date.
What does 100% NHS reimbursement mean?
The NHS has fixed prices for treatment. If you receive treatment from an NHS dentist at one of these fixed prices, you are eligible to claim 100% of the costs back from Simplyhealth. If you have selected a plan that only covers NHS charges and you have private treatment, you are eligible to claim back the amount that your treatment would have cost if you had paid for NHS treatment.
Am I covered for cosmetic treatment?
No, your policy only covers you for clinically necessary dental treatment. Examples of cosmetic treatment include tooth whitening, orthodontic treatment where your orthodontic grading on the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) scale is 1 – 3 or placement of veneers to improve the appearance of your teeth.
What is a dental injury?
A dental injury as defined by your policy terms and conditions is an external blow to the face or mouth. It does not include any damage done to teeth whilst chewing or biting.
What is a dental emergency?
A dental emergency is a visit to the dentist which has not been planned in advance that is needed to relieve dental pain.
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