Wellbeing plans for individuals

There are many other areas of our health that can be reviewed, to help us improve or maintain healthy lifestyles.

It can be useful to know what is going on inside our bodies, especially if we are trying to get fit and not seeing any improvements, or are suffering menopause symptoms and not feeling supported by our GP. Check out these specific plans to see what other help is available to you.

Health Assessments

More than just a check-up
A health assessment is a set of tests and examinations that give you an overview of your current health. You might choose to have a health assessment because of a specific health concern, or you'd like support to improve your health. Bupa health checks are carried out by trained health advisers and nurses.

The health assessments are part of a 12-month health and wellbeing plan, and Bupa will walk the journey with you for the whole year. Your plan includes access to helpful apps, personalised coaching, and information tailored to your own health, lifestyle and goals that aim to make you feel better all over, in body and mind.

There are 3 different Health Assessments available to you Be.Motivated, Be.Reassured and Be.Ahead. You can compare what is covered in each one here and, as always, chat through with the Eduhealth team to see which is best for you.

With a Bupa health and wellbeing plan, you can discover new ways to look after your mind and body, fight off health concerns and smash new goals. Self-care has never been more important. The Bupa health and wellbeing plans involve so much more than just a check-up. Bupa's expert team, plus a really useful behaviour change app, can provide the motivation and support you need to make the lifestyle changes you want.

Here are some of the ways a Bupa Health Assessment can help you

Spot health issues early

Tests to spot diabetes, heart problems and weight issues, all of which could make it harder to recover from viruses.

Time on your mental health

It’s been a testing time for most, so Bupa will check in with you and direct you to any support you need, ready for better days.

365 days of support

Stay on track with Bupa’s behaviour change app, Bupa Be.Me. Plus, coaching calls, bi-weekly tips to your inbox and more.

Eduhealth have special prices for Bupa Health Assessments. All you need to do is fill in the form below and we will send you all the information you need to claim your chosen health assessment at the special Eduhealth rate.
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Menopause Plan

Going through the menopause is a part of life and everyone's experience can differ from their friends, family or colleagues. Those experiences can include hot flushes, sleepless nights, feeling like forgetting things and even joint pain.

There is no specific age for going through the menopause and for those who experience it earlier than expected it can be confusing and they can feel no one understands and they're alone. If you or someone you know is suffering going through the menopause, help is at hand.

We have a Menopause Plan, with which you get:

Spot health issues early

45 minutes with an experienced menopause trained GP who will help identify symptoms, answer any concerns you have and advise on treatments or next steps

Spot health issues early

15-minute check-in 12 weeks later to talk through changes and improvements

Spot health issues early

24/7 Anytime HealthLine for unlimited nurse advice for 12 months following your first appointment

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1 in 4

women who visited a GP say the possibility of their symptoms being menopause related has been missed.

3 years

The average time it takes to get a diagnosis from a regular GP.


of women say their work life has been negatively affected by menopause symptoms.

Smart DNA

What will the Bupa SmartDNA test reveal about how YOUR body is built to eat, move and think based on your genetics. Will there be something in your SmartDNA test results that could reveal why you don't get the outcomes you expect from diet and exercise? When you are armed with your genetic insights you could discover simple changes to bring about changes.

Using the BUPA SmartDNA test you can now take charge of your nutrition, fitness and wellness. You can find out about nutrition sensitivities, understand your body's response to exercise, recovery speed and resilience to injury and your genetic insights into how your mind works, helping you take a smarter approach to your day-to-day routine.

Once you have carried out the simple swab test and got your results, you'll receive a 12 week food plan, including recipes (based on your results) and a session with a Bupa Lifestyle Coach. Together you will work on improving your health and fitness and create an action plan to kickstart your smarter lifestyle.

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