What are your gums telling you?

Many adults in the UK have some form of gum disease, but may not be aware of the possible link to disease in other parts of their body. An article in the British Dental Journal wrote that in recent years there has been considerable interest in the possible link.

The article also pointed out that all members of dental teams are aware of the link, and it is part of their role to provide clear evidence-based advice and information to patients where appropriate. To read the full article follow this link.


During the COVID pandemic the impact on the lack of availability of dental treatment has been very noticeable, with many people finding it difficult to get emergency dental appointments in and routine oral care has been disrupted with long wait times.

NHS and private care

The British Dental Association have indicated that some patients might find that a treatment is available quicker privately than it is on the NHS. As with medical care, this is often because the queue for NHS treatment is longer. It may simply be that there are many more people looking for NHS appointments than private appointments.

Many practices will provide a mix of NHS and private care. But those practices will have a limit to the amount of NHS care they are able to provide. The BDA believes that the current NHS contracts do not work well for patients or for dentists and are discussing with the relevant authorities ways of improving them. To find out more about the BDA and Dental Treatment check out the full details on Advice for Patients. https://www.bda.org/patients?_ga=2.77257877.1213729189.1610364128-942022581.1610364128

For some people there may be an element of insecurity about the safety of visiting a dental practice whilst the pandemic is still not under control.

It is reassuring to know that dental practices in the UK are guided in the treatments they can deliver by official advice from the Government and Chief Dental Officers and details can be found here on the NHS website.


In addition to the document covering the overall strategy for Dental Treatment delivery and care during the COVID pandemic there are regular updates on how dental practices need to adapt to new information and guidelines as they become available. The latest publication available is to cover the period from 01 January - 31 March 2021.


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